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Keeping Campus Safe

Boise State COVID-19 Dashboard

The following dashboard tracks the weekly number of new COVID cases on campus broken down by category — faculty and staff, residential student, and off-campus student. The dashboard also tracks the percentage increase of cases over the prior week, as well as how many of the university’s 117 beds designated for isolation are in use.

Boise State’s Public Health Office provides updated data each week for the dashboard. This allows the Boise State community to stay up-to-date on the campus incidence of COVID-19.

Accessible Alternative for Data

Screen Reader Tip

For the best screen reader experience access the Google Sheet version with Screen Reader Support enabled (see Accessibility for Doc Editors). To download an alternative file format from Google Sheets select File > Download As.

View Accessible Data

View accessible Boise State COVID-19 tracking data in Google Sheet format:

COVID-19 Tracking Data (Google Sheet)

Boise State COVID-19 Tracking Dashboard

Campus Testing and Vaccination Statistics

State of Idaho COVID Interactive Map

Confirmed cases are collected and tabulated daily by Boise State’s Hazard and Climate Resilience Institute with data from the Idaho Official Webpage for the Novel Coronavirus/COVID-19.

Confirmed and Probable COVID-19 Cases in Idaho


Special thanks to Brittany Brand and Carson MacPherson-Krutsky of the Hazard and Climate Resilience Institute at Boise State, along with Lantz McGinnis-Brown and Gabe Osterhout of the Idaho Policy Institute for their efforts to design and create the dashboard.

More Information

For questions or additional information please contact the university’s Public Health Office at (208) 426-2968 or

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