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Campus Clearance

When you test positive for COVID-19, are showing symptoms of COVID-19, or have been exposed to a person who is positive with COVID-19, you are required to isolate or quarantine based on your circumstances. The Public Health Office will have worked with you through phone and email communication to establish your isolation or quarantine plan, including the time that you must separate yourself from others and when you can return to in-person activities on campus.

Protocol for fall 2020

During the fall semester, Public Health would send an email to you with your isolation or quarantine plan and an initial “return to campus” date. Public Health also sent an email to your instructors (through the Office of the Dean of Students) letting them know that you needed to stay home from campus and campus activities (including in-person classes) until further notice and that your ability to attend and/or participate in courses in any format may be impacted.

As your return to campus date neared, Public Health sent an additional email to you asking you to respond regarding your current health and your ability to return to campus to participate in regular activities. If the appropriate health criteria required to stop isolation/quarantine was met, you received an official clearance email from Boise State Public Health and notice of your clearance to return was passed on to all faculty associated with your classes.

While this process helped to communicate the period of time that a person needed to stay home from campus, the volume of emails could be overwhelming to both the isolating/quarantining individual and associated faculty members. Also, the receipt of these email communications was sometimes delayed leading to confusion about whether or not a person was or was not cleared to be on campus at any given time.

Changes for spring 2021

The tracking method used in the fall will continue this spring with a new, streamlined process. Individuals will now be able to view their clearance to be on campus at all times. A real-time picture (see the screenshot examples below) of your clearance to be on campus will be available in two locations:

  • On an individual’s myBoiseState home page
  • On the individual’s Bronco ID page in the Boise State App

In addition, faculty will be able to view, in real-time, which of their students are cleared to attend in-person classes by viewing their class rosters connected to their personal faculty myBoiseState page.

As always, individuals should respond in a timely manner to the email request from Public Health as to their health and ability to return to campus or their on-campus access will be delayed. This email is sent on the last day of isolation/quarantine. Isolating/quarantining individuals are encouraged to watch for this email and respond as soon as they are able to for a smooth return to all normal campus activities.

The following steps should be taken by isolating/quarantine individuals to ensure a smooth return to campus:

  1. Review your isolation or quarantine plan closely noting the “return to campus” date
  2. The day before your return to campus date, look for a new email from Public Health
  3. Respond to the email from Public Health with the requested update
  4. Look at your MyBoiseState page on your return to campus date to ensure you are cleared to return to campus. Ensure no red dot is shown to the left of the “Welcome” notice and/or look at the Bronco ID page in your Boise State App to see that no red “X” is noted next to your name.
  5. The red dot or red “X” will not be removed from your MyBoiseState page or the Boise State App until you respond to the email from Public Health asking for an update. If you do not respond to the email you will not be able to return to in-person classes.

Viewing your real-time status

If you are not cleared to return to campus, when logged into you MyBoiseState, your name will have a red dot next to the “Welcome” text. An example from Billy Bronco’s page is below:

Example student portal showing uncleared to be on campus

If you are using the Boise State Mobile app and select the “My Bronco ID” option, you will see your name and ID with a red “X” if you are not cleared to be on campus. Billy Bronco’s screen looks like this:

Example student ID showing uncleared to be on campus

When cleared to return to campus, your screens will look like the below images:

Example student portal showing clearance to be on campus
Example student ID showing clearance to be on campus