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Updated Public Health Guidance

Hygiene and Staying Healthy

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Facial coverings

Boise State University requires everyone — regardless of vaccination status — to wear a facial covering when indoors on campus as well as in crowded outdoor spaces. Although ongoing research confirms that COVID vaccines are safe and effective, it is possible for fully vaccinated individuals to unknowingly spread the virus to unvaccinated individuals.

As indicated in the university’s policy on communicable diseases, compliant facial coverings must be clean, reusable or single-use disposable coverings that cover the nose and mouth, are closed at the bottom and do not allow respiratory droplets to escape through vents or other means. Please follow CDC guidance for care and use of facial coverings.

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Don’t discriminate against people wearing facial coverings

We recognize that it is sometimes a dangerous and difficult choice for Black, Indigenous and/or People of Color to wear facial coverings due to racial, ethnic and national origin bias. It is a violation of the university’s Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment policy and inconsistent with the university’s Shared Values to discriminate against an individual based on their race, ethnicity, national origin or other protected classification.

If you witness or experience facial covering-related discrimination, or discrimination of any kind, please report the incident to Institutional Compliance and Ethics.

Student washing her handsWash your hands and practice good hygiene

To keep yourself and those around you safe, avoid hugging and shaking hands with others. Wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds at a time – with soap. Don’t cough or sneeze on people; use a tissue.

The university also strongly advises all members of the campus community to get an annual influenza vaccine. Residential students should also get the meningococcal B vaccination unless otherwise directed by a healthcare provider.

Clean up after yourself

Everyone on campus – faculty, staff and students – has a shared responsibility for assisting with cleaning and disinfecting their work, classroom, study, or recreation space as requested by Campus Operations. Everyone has germs. Clean up after yourself.

What to do if you think you’ve been exposed to COVID

If you are exposed to a person who is known or suspected to be infected with COVID, contact the Boise State public health team immediately at or (208) 426-2968.

Student wiping down a tablePublic hygiene measures

Public hygiene measures are an effective and inexpensive means by which to control virus transmission. These measures will include:

  • Increased regular cleaning and disinfecting of public spaces.
  • Increased regular cleaning and disinfecting of high touch surfaces (common areas, classrooms, hallways, dining, sporting/gym areas).
  • Providing hand sanitizing stations at primary entrances to facilities and in high-traffic areas.
  • Removal of high-touch items such as magazines, common pens, etc.

Physical distancing

Departments should consult with Campus Operations regarding the installation of plexiglass or other barriers in workspaces where individuals must face each other or are unable to maintain six feet of physical distance. Departments may request an assessment of their workspaces by submitting a Service Request or calling (208) 426-1409.

Appropriate public health signage will be placed in common areas and other spaces where individuals typically congregate to remind individuals and visually demonstrate appropriate physical distancing.