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Isolation Housing

Jade Hall is Boise State’s designated isolation space for on-campus residential students who contract COVID-19. The purpose of a separate isolation space is to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 and to offer nursing assistance to those residential students during their stay. Registered nurses and certified nursing assistants are on site from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week. This is a service offered to on-campus residential students only at no additional cost.


Welcome to Jade Hall

Upon arrival you will be checked into a room. You will be provided basic bedding, towels, and toiletries for your stay. Each apartment will contain a washer and dryer, along with kitchen supplies. Our COVID Nursing Team will ask you to provide a daily check in on your physical well being while you are in Jade. It is very important that you provide this information to the Nursing Team.

Students with a meal plan can have their meals delivered to their unit. If you do not have a meal plan you can purchase a limited Care Meal Plan or have groceries delivered to you during isolation. Please alert the COVID Nursing Team for them to bring this to your dorm as access is limited to Jade Hall.

Additional items, such as cooking supplies, toiletries, activities, can be requested through the nursing staff. You will have University WIFI during your stay so that you can attend your classes online while you isolate. The Dean of Students office will work with the student to ensure that they have continued access to all academic needs while in isolation.

An individual will receive instruction on how to exit Jade Hall once public health has declared a student safe to return to campus through the clearing process. You can arrange with our COVID Nursing Team transportation back to your residence hall.

The physical address of Jade Hall is 1307 S. Chrisway Dr, Boise, ID, 83706. For more information, email or call (208) 426-5030.