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Meetings, Conferences and Events

Large events significantly increase the risk of transmission of COVID-19 and have been suspended through the end of the 2021 spring semester. University owned and operated event space has been prioritized for academic use to support physical distancing of spring semester in-person and hybrid courses.

Room and facility use and rentals for third party non-university groups through the spring 2021 semester.

  • Venues will communicate with third parties regarding the status of existing contracts for lease of facilities to third party non-university groups, and ticket holders should watch for individual decisions and announcements about these events.
  • Limited exceptions may apply for closed, third-party rentals and reservations at ExtraMile Arena, the Morrison Center and Christ Chapel where the general public is not invited and where the number of attendees plus venue staff does not exceed local gathering size limits.

University-sponsored events and meetings scheduled to occur prior to the end of the spring 2021 semester should continue virtually.

  • Limited exceptions will apply for university events which cannot be delivered virtually and where the general public is not invited. Requests for space will be evaluated based on the ability to physically distance in the venue, the risk to students, faculty and staff, and federal, state and local limitations on gatherings.

Additional information about meetings, conferences and events scheduled to occur in 2021 following the spring semester will be made available when possible.