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Updated Public Health Guidance

Updated Health Guidelines: May 2021

Based on recently updated guidance from Centers for Disease Control, Central District Health, and the City of Boise, Boise State has amended its public health guidelines as outlined below. These changes are effective May 20, 2021, with updates made May 28. The university still intends for most employees to return to campus-based work by the start of fall semester, which will occur in phases by division as determined by each vice president. This guidance is not intended to accelerate or modify that process, but rather to inform it and to provide guidance to those already working on campus.

Thank you for your patience in allowing those departments responsible for maintaining and updating university website language and campus signage to complete their work in response to these changes.

Please be aware that these guidelines may be amended with short notice based on changes in infection rates, the emergence of new variants, or changing local, state and federal guidelines.


Facial Coverings

Individuals are no longer required to wear facial coverings indoors or outdoors on campus, with some exceptions. Individuals who are not fully vaccinated are strongly encouraged to continue wearing facial coverings.

Facial coverings are required in the following campus locations:

  • While in University Health or Counseling Services unless advised by a provider to remove such facial covering
  • COVID Testing Center or Vaccination Clinic, and those isolating in place on campus unless advised by a provider to remove such facial covering
  • The Children’s Center
  • On Bronco Shuttles

Facial coverings are recommended in the following campus locations:

  • Where external entities are renting our facilities and recommend all their event participants to wear facial coverings
  • On public transportation when physical distancing and contact tracing is not possible

To show respect for others, when participating in face-to-face meetings or events, ask other participants if they would like you to wear a facial covering.

When participating in off-campus activities associated with Boise State, continue to follow health department and individual business requirements.

Physical Distancing

Members of the campus community, particularly those who aren’t fully vaccinated, should continue to physically distance themselves from others when possible.

The university will continue to limit both indoor and outdoor venue capacities while assessing options and protocols for expanding capacity. In the interim, venues should continue to distance event setup where possible.

Classroom Protocols

Summer face-to-face class seating will continue to be distanced.

Fall classrooms will largely return to full capacity with set seating charts to facilitate contact tracing. Where possible, students will be advised to spread out in classrooms, but absent a significant change in public health guidance or regulations, there will be no mandatory set spacing between students.

Additional information regarding fall classroom protocols is forthcoming.

Sanitation and Enhanced Cleaning Protocols

Facilities, Operations and Maintenance will continue to follow enhanced cleaning protocols in classrooms, restrooms and other public areas.

Members of the campus community should continue to wipe down break rooms, offices and other high-touch shared surfaces and equipment with disinfectant before and after use.

Frequent handwashing and coughing into a tissue or elbow continues to be one of the most effective ways to prevent disease transmission.

Individuals should continue to avoid shaking hands or other close contact with others.

Plexiglass barriers, signage and one-way directional traffic indicators should remain in place as installed until further guidance is issued.

Questions Regarding Vaccination Status

As a general rule, members of the campus community should avoid asking others about their vaccination status. The university recognizes that there are certain cases in which there is a program, job or business related need to know someone’s vaccination status. We are in the process of developing guidelines for whether and when these inquiries are appropriate. Until that guidance is released, please contact or for assistance.

Additional Guidance

Other Boise State public health requirements remain in effect until further notice and are available on the university’s COVID response website.