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Vaccine Alert

Boise State Vaccination Clinic

Buster Bronco visits the vaccine clinic in Campus School, John Kelly photo.

All persons 16 years and older who live, work, or attend school in Ada, Boise, Elmore, or Valley Counties are now eligible to receive COVID vaccine.

About the Vaccination Clinic

The Vaccination Clinic, as a service of the Public Health office, is an enrolled Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) COVID-19 Vaccination Program Provider. COVID vaccination services are available by appointment only and limited depending upon vaccine supply, allocation from the State of Idaho and clinic operations. Walk in services and mass vaccination services are not available at this time.


Boise State Vaccination Clinic
2100 W University Dr
Campus School Room 106A
Boise, ID 83706

Campus School is located between the Brady Street Garage, Interactive Learning Center and the Mathematics Building. Enter using the northeast entrance, which can be accessed from the parking lot located between Campus School and the Interactive Learning Center.


Limited complimentary parking, including accessible parking, is available in the parking lot located northeast of Campus School, or in the Brady Street Garage during your appointment. Additional pay-to-park options are available in the Brady Street Garage.


Regular hours are Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. by appointment only.
Operating days and hours are subject to change. The Vaccination Clinic is not open on days of university closure.

Contact information

If you have questions concerning signing up for the vaccination, how to make an appointment for the vaccine, questions concerning the registration process or other vaccine related questions please contact or call (208) 426-2969.

We expect to receive a high volume of calls and emails. We will return all inquires in the order in which they are received.

Scheduling Appointments

Vaccination Clinic appointments can only be scheduled online at this time. Walk in appointments will not be accepted. Follow the link below to learn more about how to schedule your appointment and what to expect.

View COVID vaccine appointment page

Campus community members are encouraged to review appointment offerings from other local providers and discouraged from double booking appointments to ensure access for others seeking appointments.


A daily “no-waste” waitlist will be opened each morning that the Vaccination Clinic is open and when vaccine appointments are offered. The waitlist will be opened before the clinic opens that day and (because of the limited number of extra doses we are likely to have each day) will be closed after 20 individuals have signed up. Every day a new waitlist will be opened. Lists from previous days will not carry forward to future days.

Each day if additional doses become available, waitlisted individuals will receive a phone call from Boise State Vaccination Clinic staff. Waitlist access is only available through our online appointment registration system. Individuals are not able to be added to the waitlist via phone calls or email.

How To Access the Waitlist

Follow the instructions provided on the vaccine appointment page. The “Sign Up for a COVID-19 Vaccination” button will appear for days with available appointments or if a space on the daily waitlist is available. Proceed to complete your waitlist registration.

More information

What brand of COVID vaccine will I receive?

The vaccination clinic is currently vaccinating patients with the following vaccine type(s)*


Johnson & Johnson

*Vaccine type is subject to change based upon supply levels and doses allocated by the State of Idaho. If your vaccine type requires two doses, you will receive the same type of vaccine during each vaccine appointment.

Can individuals younger than 18 years old be vaccinated at the Boise State Vaccination Clinic?

The only vaccine approved for use in 16 and 17 year olds is Pfizer. To date, the university has not been allocated the Pfizer vaccine. Therefore, we are likely to only be able to vaccinate individuals 18 years and older.

How much will the COVID vaccine cost?

COVID vaccine doses administered by the Boise State Vaccination Clinic will be administered at no cost.

Where can I pre-register for the vaccine?

The state allows residents of Idaho (and those who work in Idaho) who want to receive the COVID-19 vaccine to submit their names to a statewide pre-registration system. You can add your name now, and you will be notified by a local provider when the vaccine is available and you are eligible to receive the vaccine.

Should I take time off when I get the vaccine?

Some people report mild flu-like symptoms after receiving the vaccine; many have reported minimal reactions after the first dose, but a slightly stronger reaction after the second. If you have concerns, you should consider scheduling your vaccine when you have the following day off.

Where can I get more information about COVID vaccines?

More information can be found on our COVID vaccine web page.