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Grand Challenges

About the Grand Challenges

Grand Challenges are ambitious, societally-relevant, and transdisciplinary. They connect scholars across the university, and create partnerships across sectors to add value to our scholarly work, while addressing the complexity of today’s challenges. Grand Challenges recruit and engage faculty and students in scholarly activities at Boise State, building our capacity for research and creative activity.

These challenges, as described and established by members of Boise State, will lay the foundation for the path of the university in terms of its future strategic goals and initiatives.

The vision behind the Grand Challenges were formulated around the following concepts:

  • Continue and expand our innovative ecosystem,
  • Further our educational mission through research,
  • Contribute to solving the most pressing issues of our time,
  • Produce graduates who are ready to make a difference.

In conjunction with faculty and staff, Boise State has established two Grand Challenges that will help advance research and creative activity across the institution:

  1. Resource Nexus for Sustainability
  2. Healthy Idaho