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Step 3: Develop and Pitch Your Idea

Once you’ve identified a funder and program, develop a concept or white paper to present to the program officer and request a call or meeting to discuss your ideas and elicit valuable feedback about your project’s alignment with funding priorities and merit review criteria. This is also an important step in developing an ongoing relationship with the program officer who will become familiar with you and your work.

Read the Solicitation Carefully

Understand the Funding Solicitation and why it’s important.

Develop Your Team

Conceptualize Your Project

Use the Kellogg Foundation Logic Model Development Guide to guide development of your project’s components (review chapter 1 & 2 for an introduction to a basic logic model).

Use “Crafting a Sales Pitch for Your Grant Proposal” to develop a concise statement about your project’s significance.

Use the White Paper Template on Boise State’s CAREER Resources Site to develop your two-pager for submission to the program officer.

Contact Your Agency/Program Officer

Review this “Can We Talk?” article for tips (see page 13 for sample questions).