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Research Infrastructure Improvement Program (RII)


Awards: provide up to $4 million per year for up to five years, intended to improve the research competitiveness of jurisdictions by improving their academic research infrastructure in areas of science and engineering supported by the NSF

RII Track-1


Awards: provide up to $2 million per year for up to three years, support innovation-enabling cyberinfrastructure of regional, thematic, or technological importance. These awards facilitate the enhancement of discovery, learning, and economic development of EPSCoR jurisdictions through the use of cyberinfrastructure and other technologies.

RII Track-2


Awards: provide up to $750,000 for up to five years, support the strategic goal of broadening participation to improve future R&D competitiveness of EPSCoR jurisdictions; intended to broaden participation of underrepresented groups in STEM fields supported by NSF