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Boise State University offers opportunities at both the undergraduate and graduate level to study the multidisciplinary field of aging in preparation for employment and/or advanced education.

Why Aging?  The need for professionals prepared to meet the diverse needs of family caregivers, service providers and older adults is growing at an astounding rate!

  • Baby Boomers account for 20% of the U.S. population
  • For the next 19 years (2012 to 2030) 10,000 people every day will turn 65 in the US
  • The number of people in Idaho who are 85 or older will increase by 160% between 2000 and 2030

Careers in aging are diverse and include opportunities in a variety of employment settings. Professionals in the field work in settings that range from education and research, to public health, to health care, to community-based organizations, to governmental agencies. They may be involved in one-on-one delivery of services to older adults or working on their behalf to educate others, conduct research, or develop and implement public policies.

Opportunities in aging will continue to expand in part because older persons are very different from each other. Significant variations also exist between generations which require unique services and supports.