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Kim Martz, PhD

Affiliate Faculty

Kim Martz Headshot

Kim Martz, PhD, RN is a Professor Emeritus with Boise State University. During her tenure as a nursing faculty for 14 years, she conducted research in hospice and palliative care and published a number of research articles. She obtained her PhD from the University of Utah in the Hartford Center for Geriatric Excellence.

Kim was trained as a Respecting Choices First Steps Facilitator and Instructor for Honoring Choices Idaho, engaging individuals and groups in advance care planning conversations.  As part of a Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Initiative (PCORI), she served as project lead engaging the community on advanced care planning and replicated a statewide Idaho survey on Preference for End of Life Care (2018) in collaboration with the Center for the Study of Aging and Honoring Choices Idaho.

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