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COED Grant Administration

The Center for School & Community Partnerships coordinates grant management for the College of Education (COED) to help support service, research, and partnerships with schools. The Center provides direct support to Principal Investigators by providing pre-award and post-award services in cooperation with the Office of Sponsored Programs. During the past 2 years of partnership, the Center has managed grants for COED totaling more than $4.4 million.

Resources for COED Investigators

List of COED and Affiliated Projects

Closing the Loop: From Student to STEM Teacher for Idaho Schools

This program will recruit undergraduate STEM majors and prepare them to become grade 6-12 STEM teachers in high-need, rural school districts.

Design in Scientific Inquiry: The EDISIn Project

This program seeks to address the engineering preparation of secondary science teachers by embedding engineering design into a science course for single-subject STEM education majors (future secondary teachers), and developing a sequence of lesson plans and annotated video for faculty who seek to integrate engineering design into their science courses.

Early Childhood Professional Development

The purpose of this program is to create enriching and innovative classroom environments for children in early childhood education.

Innovations in Graduate Education (IGE)

The goals of IGE are to test innovative approaches to graduate education and to generate the knowledge required to move these approaches into the broader community.

Positive Action

This project is an investigation of how and for whom the Positive Action social emotional & character development program has its effects on student behavior and academic achievement.

Recognizing Effective Special Education Teachers (RESET)

The purpose of the RESET program is to create a special education teacher evaluation system which addresses the needs of the students to provide a better learning experience.

Rural Endorsement and Development Opportunities Project (REDO)

This project is designed to challenge teachers to make their classrooms accessible to students of diverse cultural backgrounds, especially those who are learning English as a second language.

Supporting Early Learning in Idaho

The Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children (Idaho AEYC) is thrilled to be the recipient of the federal Preschool Development Grant Birth through Five (PDG B-5). The one-year grant will focus on research, planning, collaboration and coordination on early childhood systems across the state.

Translating an In-Person Brief, Bystander Bullying Intervention (STAC)

STAC is a copyrighted brief bullying intervention program for schools that teaches students to act as “defenders” on behalf of targets of bullying.  STAC stands for the four bullying intervention strategies: “Stealing the Show,” “Turning it Over,” “Accompanying Others,” and “Coaching Compassion.”

Validity Evidence for Measurement in Mathematics Education

The V-M2Ed conference brought together researchers (including graduate students) from different theoretical and methodological perspectives to contextualize current conceptions of validity within the field of mathematics education.

Wind for Schools

The purpose of this program is to equip students and faculty with real-world skills and experience in wind energy applications.