Bullying Prevention 101 Institute

The presence of bullying behavior in schools can seriously affect the overall school climate and the success and mental health of all students and faculty. Some bullying behaviors can be easy to identify, while others can occur quietly and covertly. “School bullying is a dynamic process situated within relationships among students, educators, and other school community members” (Frey, Newman, Nolen, & Hirschstein, 2012).

Join educators and leadership teams at this One-Day Institute to discover what bullying looks like in the state of Idaho and learn preventative strategies to create safe and secure environments for all students! Participants of the Bullying Prevention 101 Institute will:

  • Define what bullying IS and what it IS NOT
  • Define effective vs. ineffective models for bullying prevention
  • Discuss the requirements of House Bill 246 and create an Action Plan to fulfill those requirements
  • Receive free resources, including age appropriate student lesson plans, student and staff surveys, implementation tools, and many more!

No Bully

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2019 – 2020 Training Dates

SouthwestFriday, March 13, 2020Boise State University

Cost: $250 per participant. Includes registration and materials.

Possible Funding Sources:

  • ESSA Title IV, Part A: Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grants
  • Safe and Drug-Free School Funds
  • Title I and Title II Funds
  • School Improvement Funds

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Boise State University Center for School Improvement and Policy Studies