PBIS Trainings

Our training philosophy goes beyond the traditional “hire an expert to come talk” models by maximizing content learning by providing opportunities for teams to discuss important issues, share and learn from others, assess their strengths and needs, and work on relevant activities that facilitate the sustainable implementation of PBIS.

Our training fees are for either full day (5-8 hours) or half day (2-4 hours) and include one trainer for groups of up to 50 people. A second trainer may be requested for an additional fee (see below). However, an additional trainer is required for groups of 50 or more participants so we can better meet your needs.

*In addition to training fees, travel expenses include mileage, meals, and hotel and airfare will apply to trainings more than 50 miles from our office.

Tier 1 SWPBIS Training

Designed for schools/programs new to PBIS or those needing to restart the Tier 1 implementation process.

4 Days of Tier 1 Training ($5,000/day) – $20,000 with a minimum of 15 training participants

Additional Full Day Trainer (by request or for groups of 50 or more) – $1000

Additional ½ Day Trainer (2-4 hours by request for groups of 50 or more) – $500

*Travel and Material Expenses are NOT included

One-Day Professional Development Institutes

One-Day Institutes designed for individuals or LEA teams.

Classroom Management 101 Institute – $5,000 with a minimum of 25 training participants

Bullying Prevention 101 Institute – $5,000 with a minimum of 25 training participants

Relationship Building with Difficult Students Institute – $5,000 with a minimum of 25 training participants

Additional Full Day Trainer (by request or for groups of 50 or more) – $1000

*Travel and Material Expenses are NOT included

Content Specific Trainings

While the majority of schools request our Tier 1, 2, or 3 trainings for school teams, we also provide trainings on additional topics to meet specific school and/or district needs and to increase the likelihood of sustainability. These content specific trainings are designed as independent full or half day trainings. Possible Content Training Areas:

  • PBIS: The Basics
  • Working Smarter NOT Harder
  • Schoolwide PBIS Administrator Training
  • Trauma-informed Practices
  • Data-Based Decision Making
  • Implementation Science
  • Implementing SWPBIS in Secondary Schools
  • Managing and Understanding Escalating Behavior 

1 Day of Content Specific Training – $5000

½ Day of Training (2-4 hours) – $2500

*Travel and Material Expenses are NOT included

Coaching and Technical Assistance

Research shows that sustained implementation, beyond content training, requires on-going coaching and/or evaluation. We offer on-site coaching to support implementation for school and/or district teams. Coaching is tailored to meet the unique needs of schools and districts to support initial adoption and implementation through sustained implementation.

1 Hour of On-Site Coaching and Technical Assistance (3 hours minimum) – $200/hour

*Billable in 30-minute increments

*Travel and Material Expenses are NOT included


Evaluation includes data collection, analysis, and report writing.

Evaluation will address four key issues related to successful implementation:

  • Context and Climate measures focus on who provided support, who received support and what supported or impeded implementation.
  • Input measures focus on specific professional development activities (what support was provided, what was the perceived value of support).
  • Fidelity measures focus on how the professional development plan was followed and the quality of the implementation; and
  • Impact measures the focus on whether professional development activities resulted in changes in student behavior, student academic performance, climate and other project goals.

School Evaluations – $1,000 per school

*Travel and Material Expenses are NOT included in the above services fees.