Dr. Bubak-Azevedo

Dr. Katie Bubak-Azevedo, Ed.D.


Dr. Katie Bubak-Azevedo, an Idaho native, has worked in education for more than ten years, holding a variety of positions such as a classroom teacher, instructional coach, professional development facilitator, and consultant. Her focus is to promote positive learning environments through academic and behavioral strategies that increase the learning and achievement of all students. Dr. Bubak-Azevedo has provided numerous professional development learning opportunities throughout the Northwest to educators on the topics of: Understanding Poverty, Instructional Strategies to Reach Students in Poverty, Effective Standards Based Instruction, Utilizing Data to Improve ELA Instruction, Instructional Strategies for English Language Learners, and Using Cognitive Coaching to Support Reflective Practices. She holds a Doctorate of Education from Boise State University. Dr. Bubak is a certified SWIS Facilitator, a trained SET School Evaluator, and holds certificates in both Foundational Cognitive Coaching and Advanced Cognitive Coaching. As Director of the Idaho Positive Behavior Network, Dr. Bubak-Azevedo works in partnership with her team to assist districts and school in increasing capacity to provide an integrated systemic approach for meeting the needs of all learners, while utilizing their resources in the most efficient and effective ways. Dr. Bubak-Azevedo creates all PBIS training content for the Idaho Positive Behavior Network and is the primary trainer for PBIS Tier 1 Trainings.

Dr. LewisDr. Teri Lewis, Ph.D.

Statewide Advanced Tier Coordinator

Dr. Teri Lewis is a national expert on Schoolwide PBIS, with an emphasis on advanced tier supports and implementation. During her career she has been the Oregon Director for the Northwest PBIS Network, manager for several educational non-profits, and a university professor whose research focused evidence-based practices at the state and regional levels, including school, classroom, and individual student systems. She has provided PBIS and related services to more than 10 states, two Canadian providences, and Bermuda. In addition to her work for the Idaho Positive Behavior Network, Dr. Lewis is the PBIS Implementation Coordinator for Salem-Keizer School District which is the second largest school district in Oregon and has more than 40,000 students.  Dr. Lewis currently serves as the Statewide Advanced Tier Coordinator for the Idaho Positive Behavior Network. She holds a Ph.D. in Special Education and Community Resources from the University of Oregon, a Masters of Science in Clinical Behavioral Psychology from Easter Michigan University, and a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from Oregon State University.

Jena Grenke

Jena Grenke

Statewide Tier 1 Coordinator

Jena Grenke is a certified special education and general education teacher in both Idaho and Oregon. Jena has worked in many diverse settings as a special educator in a charter school and also in a Day-Treatment school (which served students with Emotional/Behavioral Disorders and Autism). When not working for the IPBN, Jena is a general education teacher in rural Oregon where her classroom is comprised of kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade students. Jena has implemented PBIS in each of these various and challenging contexts. She has been a School Wide PBIS Coach, is a certified SWIS facilitator, a trained SET evaluator, and currently serves as a Statewide Tier 1 Coordinator for the Idaho Positive Behavior Network.

Jamie MartsJamie Marts

Statewide Tier 1 Coordinator

Jamie Marts has been an educator for over 13 years, holding teaching certifications in both Idaho and Oregon. Jamie also has a Master’s Degree in Mathematics and is skilled in academic and behavior interventions within the Multi-Tiered framework. When not working for the IPBN, Jamie is an RTI Specialist in the Ontario School District. Jamie holds a Masters of Arts in Mathematics Education. She has been a Schoolwide PBIS Coach, is a trained SET evaluator, and currently serves as a Statewide Tier 1 Coordinator for the Idaho Positive Behavior Network.