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Our test packet says “Complete Battery”. Do we have to give all of the other available tests (i.e. subjects that are not reading)?

  • No: Some schools report receiving materials that seem to indicate they are to give a “complete battery”. “Complete battery” refers to the type of test that is available. We are only requiring certain subtests from this test that relate to reading. For grant purposes, schools are required to assess the subtests listed below. These are the required subtests and scores that Idaho Reading First collects for ITBS:
    Vocabulary: K, 1, 2, 3
    Comprehension: 1, 2, 3
    Word Analysis: K
    Listening: KIf a school site or grade level team desires to collect extra data and assess students in other aspects of the ITBS battery (e.g., math, etc.), this is permissible. The costs of the entire battery are included in the cost of purchase, so there would be no extra cost incurred for this. In this situation, extra data from non-required subtests is not reported at the state and federal level.

What is the test window for giving the ITBS?

Who administers the test?

  • The test is generally administered by the classroom teacher to his or her own students. Please be sure that whoever administers the test does so according to the standardized procedures in the test booklets.

Do we need to make up for students who were absent on testing dates?

  • Yes. The ITBS is one of Idaho Reading First’s federal accountability measures. As such, all K-3 students need to have assessment scores for analysis. Please have students who have been absent made up by the return date provided in your packet.The data that we are collecting is required of our Federal Annual Performance Report to the US Department of Education. It is one of the ways for us to prove the efficacy of Reading First as well as a way for Congress to be assured that we are spending tax dollars in a beneficial manner. Therefore, it is highly important that we have the highest possible participation rate on the ITBS. When children are not made up due to absences, it heavily skews the data for our reports. Please make every possible effort to test all students.

Are accommodations permissible for IEP students?

  • Yes and No. No: Generally speaking, since the ITBS is being used to measure reading ability, there should be no accommodation which might possibly invalidate the purpose of the measure. For example, it would be inappropriate for a test administrator to read or clarify any portion of the test or provide extra time on a timed subtest.Yes: Accommodations that deal with non academic factors are permissible. For example, if, according to an IEP, a student needs a different testing environment (e.g. quiet, smaller setting, etc.) or requires an adult to refocus and keep him or her on task, these types of accommodations would be appropriate so long as they do not invalidate any aspect of the purpose of the measure or subtest.

    There are some students who, because of significant cognitive disabilities, can not take the state tests (e.g. IRI and ISAT). However, even in those circumstances, state law requires the school to give an alternative assessment that would inform instruction. Our RF data limits assessments to ITBS, IRI, and ISAT, so alternative assessment data will not be collected. If a child’s IEP specifies an alternative assessment for ISAT, it is permissible to exclude the child from ITBS. However, a rule of thumb is that no more than 1% of a school’s population would fall under this provision because the incidence of significant cognitive disability is usually less than 1% of the population.

Do students write their answers in the test booklets or on separate answer sheets?

  • Yes and no. Grades K-2 have consumable test booklets and must bubble their answers in the booklet.In grade 3, there is a separate answer sheet onto which the students must transfer their answers.

    If for some reason you did not receive answer sheets that are required for a grade level’s test, please contact the ITBS/Riverside Publishing representative immediately to resolve this issue.

If new students have moved in and we do not have barcode labels, what do we do?

  • Please use the bubble feature of the booklet/scoring document to provide the necessary demographics. Be sure to refer to the barcode demographic template used for the barcode labels to ensure that all of the same required information is provided. It is essential for Idaho Reading First’s federal report to have all of the required demographic data so that the results can be disaggregated appropriately.

Do we have to use the bubbles for demographics in addition to the barcode labels?

  • No. The barcode labels will suffice for all the information that is needed. It includes everything needed for the student. Just peel and apply the label, and you are ready to go. The only students for which bubbles will be used are those who moved into your school after the labels were created and shipped.

What do we do with labels that are for students who moved out of our school after they were originally ordered?

  • Any unused labels may be destroyed.

Are any subtests timed? If so, do we have to maintain the time limits, or can extra time be allowed?

  • The ITBS is a standardized test. Please refer to all test administration guidelines. If any guidelines state a time limit, be sure to only allow students the stated amount of time. This will enable results to be compared in a standardized fashion.

We received packing labels with our materials. What do we do with these?

  • All student scoring sheets/booklets (i.e. anything with official student answers and barcode labels) must be returned to Riverside Publishing for scoring purposes. Please pack the materials and return them to be scored by using the provided “return” packing labels. (Hint: keep the original boxes for shipping.)Reusable materials such as test administrator booklets or student test booklets that are not used for scoring may be kept in your building for future use.

Where can I get a copy of the barcode template?

What do I need to consider when it comes to returning the tests for scoring?

  • Use the mailing labels provided by Riverside Publishing to return the ITBS scoring booklets to the company. Helpful hint: SAVE your boxes. Use the original boxes to package and return all of the supplies. This way, you do not have to find new shipping boxes.

If ITBS is used for program evaluation, do students who move into our school’s program late in the year count as part of the data collection?

  • It depends on when the student moves in. Idaho Reading First project staff recognize that, due to mobility, enrollment dates and a student’s longevity in a given school affect the ability to analyze program impacts. Therefore, the state has established an enrollment date that will be used in data analysis to account for this variable. All students in a school’s program should be assessed regardless of enrollment dates so that the school has information upon which to make instructional decisions for each child. However, when processing the data, students who have enrolled after the state-determined date will be excluded from state and federal data analysis and reports.