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Get Started

If you’re ready to give flipping a try in your classroom, a good place to start is to talk with a consultant at the Boise State Center for Teaching and Learning. A consultant will meet with you to learn more about your course and to offer guidance on how best to approach flipping.

You should also keep in mind that “flipping the classroom” involves more than just creating videos for students to watch outside of class. If you want to perform an effective flip—one that creates significant learning experiences, allowing students to become actively involved in their learning—you should consider the key components of your course: learning goals (outcomes), activities, and assessments, as well as the situational factors that affect these components.


Having a good understanding of how these components all interrelate will help make your flipping experience enjoyable for both you and your students.

We also recommend checking out our Quick Start Guide, as well as our list of tools to help get you on the right path to flipping your classroom.