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Graduate Certificate in College Teaching

Since 2014, Boise State has offered a Graduate Certificate in College Teaching (GCCT), a credit-bearing certificate that appears on one’s transcript.  We are in the process of re-assessing the structure of the GCCT to consider how we might better support graduate student instructors in their current roles.  In the meantime, we are pausing the GCCT in its current format.

For graduate students who still want to engage in professional development around teaching and learning in higher education (though in a more informal way and with a significantly lower time commitment), please check out the Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education here.




The practicum experience along with the weekly meetings and frequent observations by CTL faculty and my colleagues really transformed my teaching and challenged me to adopt an intentional, responsive, and reflective teaching practice.” – Audrey

An overarching aspect of the program that has been most beneficial has been the support from both the faculty and the cohort. I have appreciated the different perspectives, guidance, and feedback.” – Anna


One of the experiences that I have thoroughly enjoyed in the GCOLL program is the professional development through the CTL and other programs across campus. The content of the workshops are great but what I really love is the interaction with other instructors across campus.” – Carissa