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Call for Applications: Faculty Learning Community for Open Educational Resources (S2020)


Did you know that research shows students regularly go without textbooks and other course materials they need because they can not afford it? Boise State students have paid up to $395 for one textbook and much more for materials in a single course, they often incur additional fees such as digital access fees on top of textbook costs. Fortunately, faculty can help students reduce these costs by adopting open educational resources (OER). This freely accessible, openly licensed documents and media are useful for teaching and learning and research shows OER can support a reduction in Drop/Withdrawal/Fail (DWF) rates.

The IDEA Shop (Instructional Design and Educational Assessment) invites applications from Boise State faculty interested in exploring and implementing open educational resources (OER) as a pedagogical tool to participate in the Spring 2020 OER Faculty Learning Community (FLC) starting this January.

And you could receive a stipend of $300.00*, too!

Activities of the Faculty Learning Community

Through the Faculty Learning Community, eight faculty participants will work as a cohort to explore the use of OER as a pedagogic tool. Faculty will use Creative Commons-licensed materials, public domain resources, and other established free or extremely low-cost options. Other existing and emerging platforms will also be explored. This program consists of the following:

  • Hands-on learning sessions held with discussions where participants share ideas, address challenges and provide mutual support for a total of 8 meetings. Meeting times will be determined according to participant availability. These 90-minute sessions will be custom-designed according to the expressed needs of participants. Held in Riverfront Hall, the sessions will enable participants to find, revise, and use OER to support course learning outcomes.
  • Each faculty participant also will consult with his or her instructional designer as early as possible in the semester and again near the end of the semester. During these individual consultations, designers help each instructor refine and meet their goals for the semester.
  • Each participant will complete a pre-completion survey and submit a brief post-completion report.
  • Culminating activity includes a round table discussion, at the OER Institute, in early May 2020. All FLC members will discuss experiences from the FLC and how incorporating OER into their courses was done.

Goals of the Faculty Learning Community

The OER Faculty Learning Community will enable up to eight faculty participants to work as a cohort to explore the use of OER as a pedagogic tool. Faculty will replace all or part of their existing course materials—including but not limited to textbooks—with Creative Commons-licensed materials, public domain resources, and other established free or extremely low-cost options. This FLC will also explore existing and emerging software platforms relevant to OER.


All Boise State instructors are eligible to apply to participate, including adjunct faculty, lecturers, and tenure-track faculty.

Financial Support

Each participant in the Faculty Learning Community will receive a stipend* of $300, paid as supplemental salary.

*Stipends will be paid as supplemental salary/summer salary. Federal tax regulations require the same manner of payment for all stipends. Additionally, full-time faculty and instructors are eligible, as are adjunct faculty who have taught a Boise State course for at least one semester AND who will be teaching a Boise State course next year. Staff and Graduate students with substantial course responsibilities are also welcome to apply, though faculty will be given priority in application selection. If you have any questions, please verify participation/stipend eligibility prior to applying/participation.

Application Process and Deadline

To apply to participate in the FLC, complete this application form.

It is advised to submit the application electronically prior to winter break. Review of applicants will take place immediately upon submission, and semi-final applicants notices will go out after the semester begins. The first FLC meeting will be held approximately three weeks after the semester begins, and then approximately once every two weeks thereafter. Once the selection of semi-final applicants has been made, a poll will be sent out to select the best day for the majority to meet. Upon a total of 8 applicants who report they can make a single meeting time for a minimum of 6 (maximum of 8) meetings, the application process will be closed and considered complete.

Selection Criteria

Participants will be asked to submit an application to determine their inclusion in the FLC. In the application, participants will be asked to include their plan for implementing OER in their course(s). The criteria used for selecting participants are as follows:

  • How concrete their implementation plan is
  • The immediacy of implementing the plan
  • The number of potential students that would be impacted
  • The applicant’s commitment to attend the cohort meetings.


This program is supported and funded by the IDEA Shop, a division of the Center for Teaching and Learning.


Questions may be directed to Bob Casper, IDEA Shop Instructional Design Specialist, (, 426-1628) or Leslie Madsen, IDEA Shop Director, (, 426-1700).