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Call for Applications: Faculty Learning Community for Creating Video for Higher Education


The IDEA Shop invites applications from Boise State instructors interested in participating in a Faculty Learning Community (FLC) focused on the creation of video for their courses. Through this FLC, eight faculty participants will explore best practices for creating video and engage in hands-on activities to improve their skills. Topics that will be covered include visual composition, audio and video recording, editing, sharing videos, and making them accessible to everyone. Participants in this FLC will attend a total of eight sessions, held every two weeks during the fall semester, and will have the option of receiving additional support through personalized training and computer lab time. Timing of sessions will be announced later, according to the availability of cohort participants.

Activities of the Faculty Learning Community

During these sessions, the faculty cohort will do the following:

  • Learn best practices for creating engaging video presentations.
  • Record, edit and share videos using various tools and techniques.
  • Apply best practices for accessibility and universal design to video content.
  • Explore advanced technologies for video creation.
  • Share ideas, address challenges, and provide mutual support.

Participants should expect to attend these learning sessions (each approximately one hour in length) at the IDEA Shop’s meeting location in Riverfront Hall, Room 301. All meetings will be facilitated by an Instructional Design Consultant from the IDEA Shop. To receive a stipend for participating in this FLC, faculty must do the following:

  • Attend at least 6 out of the 8 sessions.
  • Create at least two videos using the tools and techniques learned during the FLC. These videos can be used for a course being taught or currently in development. Each video should include one of the following:
    • An introductory message to students (in which the faculty appears in the video)
    • A short demonstration/explanation of a concept to students (using screen capture, annotations, voiceover, etc.)
    • An advanced video technology (such as green screen, light board, 360-degree video, interactive video/hotspots, quizzes, etc.)
  • Complete a short survey at the end of the semester.

Goals of the Faculty Learning Community

The Creating Video for Higher Education FLC is designed to provide participating faculty with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to do the following:

  • Participate in a community of peer instructors to share their thoughts about the effective use of video with students
  • Gain hands-on experience creating engaging and effective video presentations
  • Consider how video can be used as an alternative means of representation and expression


All Boise State instructors are eligible to apply to participate, including adjunct faculty lecturers, and tenure-track faculty.

Financial Support

Each participant in the Faculty Learning Community will receive a stipend of $300, paid as supplemental salary.

Application Process and Deadline

To apply to participate in this FLC, please complete the followingapplication form no later than 5:00 PM on Friday, August 16, 2019.

Selection Criteria

Participants will be asked to submit an application, which will determine their inclusion in the FLC. In the application, participants will be asked to include their reasons for wanting to incorporate video into their courses. The criteria used for selecting participants are as follows:

  • The plans the faculty has for incorporating video into a course
  • How student learning will be impacted with the inclusion of video in a course
  • The need/urgency for faculty to include video in a course


This program is supported and funded by the IDEA Shop, a division of the Center for Teaching and Learning.


Questions may be directed to Instructional Design Consultant Brian Martin (426-3214).