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Meet the Team

NOTE: Each of the instructional design consultants listed below has been assigned to a number of academic departments and administrative offices of each college, so that each department and administrative office has a single point-of-contact at the IDEA Shop. See this table of assignments to find the consultant assigned to your department.

  • Devshikha Bose – Instructional Design Consultant – 208.426.1695
  • Steve Breshears – Technical Support Specialist – 208.426.1697
  • Bob Casper – Instructional Design Consultant – 208.426.1628
  • David Ficks, Testing Center Manager – 208.426.4007
  • Tara Garza, Associate Coordinator for Remote and Online Testing – 208.426.3217
  • Lana Grover – Instructional Design Specialist, Mobile Learning Initiative – 208.426.1862
  • Brian Martin  – Instructional Design Consultant – 208.426.3214
  • Grace Lazenby – Administrative Assistant – 208.426.3289
  • Leslie Madsen – IDEA Shop Director/Associate Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Kevin S. Wilson – Instructional Design Consultant – 208.426.4260
Photo of IDEA Shop staff members.
Back Row (L to R): Leslie Madsen, Grace Lazenby, Kevin Wilson, Bob Casper. Front Row (L to R): Lana Grover, Devshikha Bose, Brian Martin, David Ficks, Tara Garza. Not Pictured: Steve Breshears.