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Leslie Madsen, IDEA Shop Director/Associate Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning


RFH 313J

Ask me about . . .

  • designing inclusive curriculum and activities
  • authentic assessment
  • group work (especially multimedia projects)
  • maker projects

In 2015 Dr. Leslie Madsen became the IDEA Shop Director and Associate Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning. In 2010 she joined the Department of History at Boise State University as an Assistant Professor. She came to Boise State with a broad background, including work in American, museum, and technocultural studies, culminating with a Ph.D. in Cultural Studies from the University of California, Davis.

Her designated emphasis for her doctoral studies was Feminist Theory, and her dissertation concerned the role of women scientists in American natural history institutions from 1880-1950.

Dr. Madsen has also made several presentations on the role of social media in American culture.

To read more about Dr. Madsen, her work, or her research, please visit her Scholarworks page or Academia page.