Mission and Strategies


  1. Providing faculty with opportunities to learn about, develop, share, and collaborate on best practices for teaching with technology.
  2. Supporting faculty and students in developing digital fluency.
  3. Coordinating provision and support of effective learning spaces, both physical and virtual.
  4. Exploring technologies with the potential to enrich teaching and learning at Boise State.

The IDEA Shop supports faculty, staff, and students in exploring and implementing technology to further the academic mission of Boise State. We do so by promoting relationships, pedagogy, and tools that empower the individual and challenge the status quo.


Relationships: We strive to facilitate and foster meaningful professional relationships with faculty–and among faculty–for the express purpose of promoting creativity and collaboration.

  • We build relationships with every faculty member, crafting support plans for departments tailored to identified needs and goals.
  • We bring faculty together to share knowledge and learn from one another.
  • We empower individual faculty members to take the “next step” toward their digital fluency goals.

Pedagogy: We strive to maximize the ability of learners to achieve learning goals and to consistently increase their capacity to learn.

  • Course design and content development focus on optimizing student-centered engagement.
  • Active learning strategies are incorporated into projects whenever possible and appropriate.
  • Projects are designed to maximize the potential for connections and collaborative interaction.

Tools: We strive to constantly explore rich collaborative environments that empower the individual and challenge the status quo of both platform and practice.

  • World-class technology environments are constantly evaluated and improved to meet the needs of faculty and students.
  • Efforts focus on balancing the stability of existing technology and the opportunity for exploration of emerging technology.
  • Tools are leveraged to expose meaningful patterns intended aid students and faculty in day-to-day decision-making.

The IDEA Shop is a unit of the Center for Teaching and Learning.