Call for Applications: Mobile Learning Scholars 2.0 (S2020)


The Mobile Learning Scholars program is designed to facilitate the exploration of questions about teaching, learning, and collaboration in an information-rich, “connect anywhere and anytime” environment made possible by mobile technologies such as tablet devices and smartphones. The purpose of the cohort model is to provide faculty with a supportive and shared experience as they explore how mobile devices affect such instructional variables as student learning, interaction, communication, collaboration, and fieldwork.

Providing continued support for graduates of the Mobile Learning Scholars 1.0 program, the 2.0 cohort experience enables participating faculty to draw upon the previous exploration of mobile learning to delve more deeply into mobile curriculum design and mobile pedagogy. In addition, faculty in the 2.0 cohort play an active role in the campus mobile-learning community, most often by mentoring members of the 1.0 cohort and sharing their experiences with them.

Activities of the Mobile Learning Cohort

From January – May 2020, participating faculty members will be required to attend one group meeting per month and one individual consultation each month. Attended by both the 1.0 cohort and the 2.0 cohort, group meetings facilitate peer instruction and feedback; monthly one-on-one consultations with an assigned instructional design consultant provide an opportunity to address individual needs.

Participants will be encouraged to keep a reflection journal to regularly document the discoveries and challenges they encounter as they research mobile curriculum design and pedagogy. This reflection coupled with cohort insights and teaching experiences will provide the foundation for a brief summary report, due from each participant by mid-May 2020. In addition, 2.0 cohort members will also be required to share their findings with the larger campus community (for example, by developing written documentation, participating in a video interview, or joining in a panel discussion).


Applicants to the 2.0 program must be graduates of the 1.0 program. Full-time faculty members, adjunct instructors, and special lecturers are eligible to apply. Adjunct faculty must have been teaching at Boise State for at least two semesters and all applicants must be scheduled to teach in their focus course during Spring 2020 or Fall 2020.

Mobile Devices for Students

As a benefit of participating in the mLearning Scholars 2.0 program, cohort members may request semester-long use of mobile devices for all students enrolled in their focus course.

Application Process and Deadline

To apply, complete this application form by January 3, 2019 (5:00pm MST).


This program is supported and funded by the IDEA Shop, a division of the Center for Teaching and Learning.


Please direct any questions to Lana Grover, Sr. Instructional Design Consultant, at or 208.426.1862.