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A message from Dan Sanford, Boise State’s new CTL director

Friends and Colleagues,

Welcome to the 2021/2022 academic year! It’s a time of change and renewal for all of us in higher education, as we consider how to apply the lessons learned during the pandemic to our continued lives as educators. It’s a time for change and renewal for me as well, as I join the outstanding staff of the Center for Teaching and Learning and begin to immerse myself in the robust tradition of great teaching at Boise State University. I’m grateful to have this opportunity to introduce myself to all of you.


Daniel Sanford

Before coming to Boise State University, I served as director of writing at Bates College. Previous to this, I was director of the Center for Academic

Program Support at the University of New Mexico. Throughout my career, I’ve been interested in centering student voices in conversations on great teaching, and creating inclusive learning environments that are designed around both the needs of learners, and principles of inclusive pedagogy. I’m a cognitive linguist (University of New Mexico, 2010) with a deep interest both inhow language is stored and processed, and in how we can teach in ways that are attentive to how our brains work. You’ll see me biking around campus, walking to grab coffee in the SUB, and running over the lunch hour. Please say hi! Whatever your part is in the teaching mission of the university, I’d love to chat with you about it. My first and most immediate goal is to get to know all of the curricula and academic programs at the university, so I’ll be hoping to meet with many of you in the year ahead.

The Center for Teaching and Learning at Boise State University, thanks to the tireless efforts of founding director (now Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies) Susan Shadle, Interim Administrative Director Teresa Focarile, and the entire, dedicated staff of the CTL is an outstanding program with a clear mission and great programming to support it. Speaking on behalf of all of us in the center: we’re excited to partner with you in our collective, university-wide growth and development as educators.

Dan Sanford