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Call For Sample Transparent Assignments and Activities

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Are you intentionally utilizing the TILT framework to create transparent assignments and activities? Are you interested in adding your transparent assignments and activities to a collection that aims to inspire other instructors to follow your TITL footsteps?

Co-editors Shannon M. Sipes (Indiana University), Mandy Frake-Mistak (York University), and Jennifer C. Friberg (Illinois State University) invite submissions for their proposed text: TILTed Pedagogy: A Collection Evidence-Based Assignments to Inspire Learning. This text is being proposed to Elon’s Center for Engaged Learning (CEL) Open Access Book Series (spring 2024 pub date expected).

Each activity or assignment will be connected to evidence-based literature on the principle at hand and will provide a reflection from the contributor related to their thinking about the design of the activity/assignment. Beyond descriptions of process and evidence, each activity/assignment will also provide additional resources for readers to learn more about either the individual assignment or the overarching pedagogical model. Having a similar format for each activity/assignment included in the volume will provide cohesion for readers across different examples and topics as well as providing for diverse ways of knowing and experiences from multi-disciplinary perspectives, and ways of engaging in teaching and learning.

Submission Process:

Those interested in contributing to this volume should submit 1 pdf file including a chapter abstract (150 words max), 1-2 page chapter outline, and 1-2 page TILTed assignment sheet no later than February 26, 2023 to Shannon Sipes ( All materials should be submitted in English. The chapter outline should include 6 components:

  1. The teaching/learning context that is the focus of the chapter
  2. The research on pedagogy informing the activity/assignment (i.e. UDL, specs grading, retrieval practice)
  3. How this research is applied to practice through the TILTed assignment
  4. A critical reflection of the assignment implementation by the faculty member and/or students
  5. Ideas for how the TITLed assignment could be modified, adapted, or applied in other contexts, with a cross-disciplinary perspective
  6. Plans for supplemental resources for faculty, staff, and/or faculty developers to include on the website with the final book (i.e. course syllabus, demonstration video)

Editors will review submitted materials and invite selected contributors to submit complete chapters for inclusion in this volume. If selected, chapters will be due in August 2023.