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Talking Teaching: Engage in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Faculty discusses topic of workshop with her group

In this online Talking Teaching session co-facilitated by Dr. Serena Morales (CoEd) and Dr. Krishna Pakala (CoE), participants discussed with fellow educators who have successfully conducted Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) studies of their courses and generated ideas on how they may initiate similar studies of their own course(s). The session was moderated by Dr. Devshikha Bose, a Senior Educational Development Specialist from the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL).

Session co-facilitators Dr. Morales and Dr. Pakala spent some time discussing SoTL projects they had conducted in their courses and then answered questions from participants. Several takeaways emerged through the discussions which were also shared through a Resource Handout sent to participants after the session:

#1 Educators are essentially problem solvers and do action research in their classes all the time! We need to keep wearing our teacher (i.e. practitioner) hats at the same time as our academic/researcher hats.

#2 Engagement in SoTL enables educators to study their own teaching and opens up conversations about best practices in education. Sharing with others helps everyone.

#3 Engaging in SoTL can be useful for non-tenure track educators also, as they focus primarily on teaching and are best positioned to gather data on what constitutes evidence-based practices.

#4 Teaming with others who may be experts in their discipline is a great way to learn and collaborate in SoTL projects. Involve students (grads and undergrads) as co-investigators and authors.

#5 Remember that according to the Boyer Model, scholarships can be of different kinds! Identify where your work fits in.

Are you interested in studying the impact of your teaching and your students’ learning in your courses? Do you want to brainstorm research ideas and get started with Institutional Review Board (IRB) applications? Consultants at the CTL will be happy to talk with you. Please contact us at:


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Written by:

Devshikha Bose