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Call for Lightning Talks for the 2022 Great Ideas for Teaching and Learning Symposium

The Center for Teaching Learning welcomes lightning talk proposals for the 2022 Great Ideas for Teaching and Learning Symposium on Tuesday, January 4. 

This year’s Great Ideas Symposium theme will be “Teaching the Whole Student.” During the pandemic, many of us have learned more about our students’ backgrounds, everyday lives, and resources—and we have adapted our teaching accordingly. We hope this theme inspires faculty to reflect both deeply and broadly about students’ experiences and identities, how students’ lives outside of class influence their learning, and how we include the whole student when we teach. 

Guiding questions

In particular, we invite all Boise State educators—faculty, adjunct faculty, graduate students, staff, and peer educators—to consider our adaptations to the challenges of 2020 and 2021. How has your work with students evolved over the last 20 months? Into 2022 and beyond, how will your experiences during the pandemic influence your work as an educator?

Some areas of potential reflection include:

  • How are you showing compassion and empathy for your students? 
  • What new strategies/pedagogies/techniques have you adopted? How have they been successful, and how will they be relevant to your approach in the future?
  • How has your understanding of classroom equity changed during the pandemic, and how has this shift in understanding affected your course planning and facilitation?
  • What course policies (e.g., attendance, late work) have you adjusted in response to the pandemic, and to what extent will these changes persist in future courses?
  • How did your thinking about or implementation of technology change as a result needing to teach remotely, online, or in flexible/hybrid modalities? How did particular technological tools or strategies improve your students’ motivation or ability to learn?

Presentation format 

Recognizing the extraordinary demands of the current academic year, and in hopes of making it easier for more educators to share their strategies, we have adopted a lightning talk format (5 minute talk, 5-minute Q&A) for this year’s presentations. We invite both formal, empirical scholarship and less formal presentations that draw on reflection, lived experience, and natural experiments. 

Never done a Lightning Talk? Feel free to check out this resource to learn how to give a lightning talk.

How to submit a proposal

Please share how you teach the whole student by filling out the Register for the Great Ideas for Teaching and Learning Symposium. Proposals should be submitted by December 1, 2021. The brief proposal form will ask you to:

  • Provide a short description (100 word maximum) of the teaching approach you will share in your lightning talk.
  • Describe briefly how this approach relates to the theme of “Teaching the Whole Student”. 
  • Explain what you hope participants will gain from listening to your lightning talk. 

Have an idea to share but can’t join us on January 4? While submitting your proposal, select the “share some other way” option, and someone from the CTL will reach out to discuss alternative ways to share your idea.


If you have questions about the Great Ideas in Teaching and Learning Symposium, the lightning talk format, or how to submit a proposal, please email Teresa Focarile at