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Inquiry for Inclusion

Inquiry for Inclusion is a project focused on using data to identify and investigate equity gaps, and using this information to help us to create a more equitable approach to STEM education at Boise State University. This initiative is funded by The HHMI Inclusive Excellence 3 (IE3) initiative, which challenges U.S. colleges and universities to “substantially and sustainably build their capacity for student belonging, especially for those who have been historically excluded from the sciences.”

Partners in the Inquiry for Inclusion project, which will run through Academic Year 2027/2028, will work together to give faculty and department access to course-level data (both qualitative and quantitative), and to create a cycle of inquiry that allows us to reflect on, and make changes based on, that data.

The project aims to engage faculty in every STEM department in thinking about this project and how they might participate in it in the future.

If you’re interested in being involved or learning more, please contact any of the grant leadership team:

Adriana Facundo, Assistant Director, New Student Programs

Alicia Garza, Professor, World Languages

Cynthia Campbell, Associate Professor, Psychological Science

Daniel Sanford, Director, Center for Teaching and Learning 

Devshikha Bose, Senior Educational Development Specialist, Center for Teaching & Learning

Diana Garza, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, College of Engineering

Donna Llewellyn, Executive Director, IFITS 

Jeremy Harper, Interim Managing Director, BUILD

Susan Shadle, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies