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Mid-Semester Assessment Process (MAP) for Online Courses

NOTE: MAPs for online courses are now conducted by staff from the eCampus Center.

The Mid-Semester Assessment Process (MAP) for online courses is very similar to the process used in traditional courses. Both are conducted at mid-semester (weeks 5-9), and both enable the instructor to gauge how and what students are learning and to assess his or her teaching. Likewise, both begin with an initial consultation between the consultant and the instructor, to discuss basic information about the course and any concerns the instructor may have.

To conduct an online MAP, the consultant first enrolls the students in a separate Blackboard course site set up for the MAP. This course site contains two discussion boards focused on the following questions:

  • What about this course and its instruction helps your learning?
  • What about this course and its instruction presents a barrier to your learning?

Students are given several days to discuss these questions, assisted as necessary by the consultant. After the discussion ends, the consultant prepares a report for the instructor, summarizing the discussion and discussing possible responses to suggestions and comments from students. The consultant will then schedule a consultation with the faculty member to discuss findings.

Requesting a MAP for an Online Course

MAPs are conducted during weeks 5-9 of the semester and are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. Due to the high demand for MAPS, we request that each faculty member choose one course per semester to be involved in a MAP. Requests for an online course MAP should be made before the end of Week 4 (for a 16-week course) or Week 3 (for an 8-week course).

Complete this form to request a MAP for an online course.