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Institute for Pervasive Cybersecurity

Competency Development

Here at the Institute, we believe the creation of competency comes from developing skills through the application of knowledge. We fulfill our commitment to develop a “Ready to Work” cyber workforce by combining a student’s academic experience with real-world support for rural communities around Idaho, as well as projects with our industry partners.

The Cyberdome

A collaborative hub for competency-based development, with the mission of reducing risk for rural communities while producing a “Ready to Work” cybersecurity workforce.

The Cyberdome provides students with hands-on work experience by providing cybersecurity services to rural partners across Idaho. Students graduate from this program with extensive workplace experience.

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Workforce Experience


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Internship Program

Rural Risk Assessment

Boise State students gain real-world experience by providing risk assessments for rural communities throughout Idaho. Students identify, analyze and evaluate risk for rural communities using commercially available tools and common industry frameworks. By the end of the internship, students have experience in preparing for an assessment, identifying threats, presenting their findings, and receiving feedback from clients.

The Rural Risk Assessment internship program provides critical competency development, backed with experiences that can only be taught by performing these tasks in a real-world setting. Students who have completed this internship are able to thrive in their future professional careers because of this experience.

Interested in engaging our “Ready to Work” students?

Partnering with the Institute and our recent graduates can help your organization more effectively fill your cyber job openings. Please provide us some details on yourself, your needs, and how we might be able to help. 

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