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Kognito Training

A small proportion of students who are experiencing mental health issues and/or are seriously considering suicide are seen by health professionals. This leaves a large number of individuals that are not seeking professional help at high risk for suicide.

We understand that having an open conversation about your friend might feel overwhelming. This training simulation helps you identify when to be concerned, walks you through practical conversational tips, and gives you the opportunity to practice encouraging friends to seek help.

It is our hope that you will take a few minutes to go through this course so that you may feel more confident in your ability to support your friend.

How to get started

  1. In order to participate, you must register for a free account using your Boise State email address.
  2. The Boise State student enrollment key is “bsuarus
  3. Take the survey in order for your completion of the training to register in the system. Your responses will help Kognito continually improve its training.


What if I have created an account, enrolled, selected a training and nothing is happening?

Launching a stimulation will open a new browser window. Ensure the user is disabling pop-up blocker or instruct them to whitelist the domain from their firewall. If you need further assistance contact Kognito technical support at with any questions.

Does the training need to be taken all at once?

Once the stimulation is started, you may resume progress at any point once you have created an account and have the ability to resume from any PC, Mac, laptop (no chromebooks or mobile devices).

Can I obtain resources shared in the training?

Resources from Kognito and Boise State will be available to you after you complete the training. Boise State’s campus and community resource page is available in PDF form at any time throughout the training.

Do I need to complete the pre and post surveys?

All surveys are voluntary. You are not required to complete the post survey, but you will not receive your Certification of Completion unless you chose to complete it.

May I get recertified at a later date if I have already completed the training once?

Yes, users can wipe their slate clean, re-take the training at any time and the certification will reflect the most current date.

What is the bouncing icon at the bottom of the screen?

If users are unsure what to say to the individual in crisis and not moving in a helpful direction. The coach will appear at the bottom center of the screen. When the coach has new information to share, the icon will say ‘NEW’, users will click again on the coaching icon.

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