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Dr. Kelly Rossetto

Associate Professor Kelly Rossetto


Dr. Rossetto enjoys teaching courses in interpersonal communication, family communication, communication and resilience, and research methods.

Scholarship Areas

  • Project Report
  • Coping and Support in Relationships
  • Mediated Supportive Communication
  • Communication in Military Families


Kelly Rossetto holds a Ph.D. (2009) from the University of Texas at Austin, an M.A. (2005) from the University of Montana, and a B.A. (2001) from the University of California, Davis. Dr. Rossetto’s research centers on how families navigate stressful events, online and face-to-face, through meaning making, coping and support. Specifically, she evaluates how coping and support processes influence reactions to stressful events (e.g., military deployment, bereavement, transition to college). Overall, Dr. Rossetto connects supportive, family and mediated communication literature to advance theory and practice surrounding communicative resilience processes. She utilizes a variety of methods, but her particular expertise and interest lies in qualitative research and the potential benefits it may have for participants. You can find Dr. Rossetto’s work published in various journals, including Communication Monographs, Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, Personal Relationships, Journal of Family Communication, and Western Journal of Communication. She has also been cited in NewsweekPsychology Today, and other local news outlets.

Contact Information

Office: COMB 206
Phone: (208) 426-1904
Office Hours: By appointment