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Fall 2022 – Meal Plan Info

How to Purchase a Meal Plan

If you are living in housing designated as first-year and/or do not have an in-unit kitchen the Trailblazer weekly meal plan will be defaulted to your account on or before June 3, and you can change your meal plan up to the September 2. Dining charges will be posted to your student account the first week of July along with Housing charges.  They can be rolled into a payment plan through student financials.

Sophomore and above students who live on campus who aren’t required to have a meal plan can purchase a weekly meal plan and bill it to their student account until September 2.  After September 2, weekly meal plans are no longer available to purchase, visit the online store to check out Lifestyle plans available to purchase at any time.

How to Change a Meal Plan

  • After you are registered, enrolled, and received a housing assignment you may change your week meal plan
  • Navigate to
  • Using a Mobile Device? Select “View Full Site” at the bottom of the screen and select any icon
  • Using a Desktop?  Continue on…
  • Select “Change Meal Plan” in the navigation menu on the left
  • Your account is defaulted to the Trailblazer Meal Plan. If you would like to have a different weekly meal plan, click the dropdown menu for New Meal Plan
  • When you have selected your New Meal Plan, press continue once you have verified this information
  • Verify you have the correct New Meal Plan selected and press submit
  • Your Meal Plan has now been changed to the New Weekly Meal Plan you selected

How to Delete a Meal Plan

Contact Dining Services: