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Graduate College Scholar Dean’s Awards- Congratulations to Jukes Liu and Rainey Aberle

Picture of Jukes and Rainey

Congratulations to Rainey Aberle and Jukes Liu, who won two of nine Graduate College Scholar Dean’s Awards for their Graduate Student Showcase presentations! Rainey’s poster, titled “Assessing Controls on Ice Dynamics at Crane Glaciers, Antarctic Peninsula, Using a Numerical Ice Flow Model”, describes her MS thesis research that explores the sensitivity of marine-terminating glaciers to changes in climate. Her work focuses on Crane Glacier in Antarctic, which used to flow into Larsen B ice shelf, in an effort to understand why glaciers in this region are advancing out into the ocean. Jukes’ poster, titled “Tracking marine glacier length change in Greenland with satellite images”, describes analysis of time series of length change for 171 glaciers in SE Greenland that she constructed using the automated glacier terminus mapping method developed for her MS thesis. Slightly more than half of the glaciers in this region that are not connected to the Greenland ice sheet retreated in 2016 and she explores potential climate drivers of the synchronous and widespread change. Congrats to both students for winning awards for their terrific research!

Links to their showcase posters can be found below.