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Prospective Students

Boise, Idaho’s capital, is consistently ranked at the top of the country or region in national surveys and major magazines as a place to live and recreate.

Interested prospective undergraduate students should visit the Department’s Undergraduate Programs Page and our How to Apply page, as well as apply directly through the Boise State University Undergraduate Admissions process.

Prospective students interested in any of our Geosciences Graduate Degree Programs should directly contact individual faculty in their discipline of interest and follow the admissions process. Many of our graduate students receive financial assistance – teaching assistantships, research assistantships, traineeships or part-time professional employment with the department. There are also Campus Wide Graduate Assistantship openings. Please click here for more financial information.

We encourage all prospective students to tour our website, come by the department for a visit or directly contact our faculty for more information.

Student Resources

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