M.S. in Geoscience

Degree Requirements

The M.S. in Geoscience is a flexible degree that allows students to create a custom curriculum within the broad field of Geosciences to work with faculty researchers on topics that are not within the more specialized degrees that we offer. Students interested in Geology can follow a prescribed set of courses to earn a Geology emphasis within the degree.  All students work complete a thesis thesis in close collaboration with a faculty researcher.   For more information and degree requirements, please refer to the university catalogs.

Program Learning Outcomes

1. Assimilate discipline-appropriate theory and methods of practice, including knowledge content, skills, and habits of mind

2. Navigate the interrelationships and integration of geosciences with other scientific and engineering disciplines

3. Formulate novel geoscientific research questions, hypotheses, and experimental designs informed by the scientific literature

4. Collect, process, analyze, and interpret diverse geoscientific data, including the quantification of error, resolution, probability, and risk

5. Master the skills of oral and written communication to diverse audiences

6. Articulate scientific contributions to their field, other disciplines, and society

7. Practice effective leadership, project management, and teamwork

8. establish a professional identity that engages the geoscience community

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