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Adam Price Seminar

March 25 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm MDT

Join us for a seminar given by Adam Price, a Research Hydrologist for the Forest Service at the Pacific Northwest Research Station!

Title: How low can they go?: Modeled representations of non-perennial rivers and streams in the Pacific Northwest

Abstract: There is a global abundance of non-perennial rivers and streams, of which are predicted to increase due to climate change and anthropogenic influences. However, most modeled representations of streamflow have been constructed with perennial systems in mind, leaving a gap in both our understanding and representation of non-perennial systems. To adapt to future challenges, there is a need to determine what modeled representations of low- and no-flow in non-perennial rivers and streams do well and where uncertainties may lie in the internal representations of hydrologic processes. In this presentation, I will compare a suite of process-based hydrologic models, statistical models, and observations of low- and no-flows to better understand these uncertainties, analyze how well these models represent low- and no-flow across space and time, and identify how to use flow/no-flow observations to benchmark process-based models. These comparisons show that process-based models display varying degrees of accuracy at representing non-perennial systems and matching streamflow observations. The ability to accurately model non-perennial systems is paramount to understanding the connections between hydrologic characteristics of low- and no-flow and the potential ecological, biogeochemical, and societal implications of these important systems. Improving our predictive understanding of low- and no-flow periods in non-perennial rivers and streams within the Pacific Northwest will fill critical gaps and better target the timing and location of future research, management, and conservation efforts.