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Clara Blättler Seminar

October 3 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm MDT

Clara Blättler Seminar

Title: An Archive of Glacial Seawater

Abstract: I will describe the unexpected discovery of pore fluids that, for the first time, appear to represent a direct archive of ancient seawater and to preserve the salinity and isotopic ratios of seawater from a past glacial period, likely the Last Glacial Maximum. These pore fluids were extracted from sediment cores from the Maldives Inner Sea, drilled in 2015 during IODP (International Ocean Discovery Program) Expedition 359 and penetrating late Oligocene to modern sediments. The composition of these fluids carries implications for glacial ocean circulation, water-rock interaction in platform systems, and preservation of carbonate sedimentary geochemistry.