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Greg Waite Seminar

October 24 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm MDT

Greg Waite Seminar

Title: Lava lake seismo-acoustics: the utility of repeating signals at active volcanoes

Abstract: Open-vent, low-viscosity volcanoes, produce a range of geophysical signals during low-level eruptive activity. Fluid processes often generate highly repetitive events that can be recorded by local seismic and infrasound stations. I will describe results from work at three volcanoes in which combined temporary seismic and infrasound arrays allow for a detailed catalog of small events associated with outgassing at the relatively shallow lava free surface: Pacaya, Guatemala; KÄ«lauea, Hawaii; and Villarrica, Chile. These events offer a means to investigate characteristics of the conduit geometry, variability in gas emissions, and changes in the level of the lava free surface. Stacking thousands of events can also provide a glimpse of faint signals from deeper sources that are otherwise obscured by noise.