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Kathryn Snell Seminar

September 26 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm MDT

Kathryn Snell Seminar

Title: Integrating Stable Isotopes, Sedimentology, and Modern Analogs to Improve Our Understanding of Paleoenvironmental Change in the Western US Over the Last ~100 Million Years

Abstract:The core of the research by my group has focused on reconstructing terrestrial paleoclimate and paleoelevation change in the western US at different times and over a range of timescales. To do this, we integrate stable isotope records from carbonates, particularly clumped isotope thermometry, with sedimentology and lessons from modern analog environments, in order to best relate our stable isotope records to common climate parameters like seasonal versus mean annual temperatures, and identify other issues that can affect our interpretations. In this talk, I will discuss the insights we are learning through these modern analog investigations, share the tools we have developed to expand what we can learn from these environments, how we have expanded our ancient records in the western US, and where we are headed in the future to develop a coherent regional paleoclimate and paleoelevation record for the western US.