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Kerri Treinen - Staff Scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the Chemical and Isotopic Signatures Group

February 24 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm MST

Kerri Treinen working in the lab photo
Kerri Treinen working in the lab photo

Talk Title: Applying Nuclear Forensics: Evaluating Radiochronometry by Single Collector Mass Spectrometry using a Multi-Instrument Approach
Abstract: The illicit trafficking of radioactive and nuclear materials has been the subject of increasing concern to the international community over the past decade. The ability of laboratories to characterize these nuclear materials, using forensic signatures, has been the focus of recent international efforts. Nuclear forensic signatures can help to determine where these materials originate, what their intended use was, and when they were produced. In this talk I will describe developments in radiochronometry, or age-dating, that can be applied during a nuclear forensic examination. Radiochronometry constraints are a foremost signature in assessing the provenance and processing history of nuclear material. When possible, the application of multiple radiochronometers can provide increased confidence for interpreting age-dating results in a nuclear forensic examination. Radiochronometric data has traditionally been acquired via multicollector mass spectrometry, a relatively expensive and sophisticated analytical technique. We therefore explored the potential of performing age-dating by single collector mass spectrometry. If achievable, single collector radiochronometry would be a valuable contribution given these instruments’ widespread availability compared to multicollector mass spectrometers, thereby expanding radiochronometry to a broader range of the international forensic community. Such a development would ideally result in the increased acquistion of accurate and reliable age information that will further bolster the global response to nuclear interdictions. Releasable to external audiences LLNL-ABS- 801641.

Kerri Treinen has been a staff scientist in the Chemical and Isotopic Signatures Group at Lawerence Livermore National Laboratory since 2011. She recieved a MS in Geology from the University of New Hampshire and a BS in Geology from University of Idaho. Her research interests include age-dating nuclear era materials using multiple chronometers, geochemistry and migration of contaminated groundwater, development and characterization of isotopic reference materials, and improving mass spectrometry techniques for isotopic measurements of complex matrices.

Where: RUCH 103
When: Monday, February 24th
Time: 3:00pm
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