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2. Before Class

Orientation Section 2

Before Class

There are several steps and processes involved in preparing for your class including some of the administrative processes required of faculty before teaching an online class at Boise State. To download a copy of this content see Before Class (Google Doc – must be logged in to employee account).

Employment Eligibility Verification Process

All new employees must report to Human Resource Services before or on the first day of work to complete your I-9 Form, Employee Information Form, and your W-4 Tax Form.  Information concerning the paperwork HR needs can be found on First Things First, Human Resources Service.

University Compliance

The importance of correct and timely completion of I-9s cannot be overstated. The Immigration and Naturalization Service requires that Section 1 of the I-9 Form be completed, signed and dated on or before the first day of work by the employee. The employee has three business days in which to provide documentation that he or she is eligible for employment, required in Section 2 of the I-9 Form. Employees not in I-9 compliance will not be eligible to continue working at Boise State.

Boise State Accounts


As a Boise State instructor, you are provided with a myBoiseState account to verify personal information and access financial and academic information. Through myBoiseState you will access PeopleSoft, your email and Google apps accounts, Canvas, and assistance and support.


PeopleSoft is the university’s Student Information System. Some of the academic functions you will use PeopleSoft for include:

  • View your class rosters
  • Verify class information
  • Submit grades
  • Request a Canvas course site

This is also the place where you can view your paycheck, manage benefits and manage your BroncoAlert preferences.

Email and Google Apps Account

Boise State uses G Suite for Education. As a faculty member you’ll be given an account that includes access to:

  • Boise State Email
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Drive
  • Many more Google apps

While you may use a non-university related email, it is very important for faculty who teach online to have a university email account as well, since students who try to contact faculty by email are likely to search the Boise State Faculty and Staff Directory. Your faculty/staff email and Google Apps account are independent of any Boise State student account you may have.

Canvas Account

Canvas is the university’s Learning Management System. It is here that you will teach your online class, interact with students, and complete classroom activities such as:

  • Discussions
  • Assignments
  • Exams and quizzes
  • Announcements

You will use your myBoiseState Account to request a Canvas site for your online course, and your faculty/staff email account is used to enroll you as the instructor in your Canvas site.

Assistance and Support

MyBoiseState Services Menu

From your myBoiseState account you can easily access a variety of online assistance and support.

Use the Services area to quickly access a variety of campus and online resources including:

  • Google Apps
  • PeopleSoft
  • Human Resource Services
  • Forms and Documents
  • Reporting Services

You can also add additional resources to the list using the “Edit My Resources” option. Some helpful resources you may consider adding include:

  • Canvas
  • Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Learning Technology Services
  • Library
  • OIT Help Desk
  • Testing Center

If you can’t find a resource, or would like to link to an outside resource, you’ll have the option to add a URL through the edit my resources option.

Edit my resources screenshots

Book Orders

Ordering Process

Book orders may be processed through:

Book order problems should be resolved by the person in your office who placed the order, or directly with the Bookstore.

Due Dates

If you do not have any textbooks or materials, we still encourage you to notify the bookstore so students are aware of your intentions. Textbook orders are due to the bookstore by the following dates:

Semester TeachingBook Orders Due
SpringOctober 15
SummerMarch 15
FallApril 15

Student Access

Students may order textbooks in a number of ways: in person at the Boise State Bookstore, a site bookstore, by phone at 208-426-BOOK, or via secure online ordering.

Additional Assistance

Contact eCampus Center staff at  for additional assistance with the textbook process.

Faculty and Course Confirmation Process

Before the start of the fall and spring semesters, the eCampus Center sends out an email to confirm the online courses that you are teaching. When you receive this email, please take the time to review and respond with any changes.

Confirmation of Course Schedule

The course schedule information on the confirmation form originates from your course schedule as it appears in PeopleSoft. On the confirmation form we ask that you review your schedule in PeopleSoft to verify:

  • Courses
  • Capacities
  • Total credits
  • Class notes

Class Notes

Class notes provide space to tell students about special requirements for your course. You should have a class note on your class to alert students of the following requirements:

  • Proctored exams
  • Special equipment or technology requirements
  • Registration restrictions
  • In-person requirements or synchronous requirements

Class Capacity and Permission Numbers

Class Capacity

Class capacity (cap) is set with direction from the academic department chair and instructor. If you find that you would like to increase your class capacity, please ask your chair to submit a Schedule Change Request form.

Permission Numbers

Six-digit permission numbers are used to override class capacity, class requisites, and departmental consent. Usually, 20 each of “Y” (used to override everything, INCLUDING class capacity) and “N” (used to override everything EXCEPT class capacity) numbers are assigned to every course offered at Boise State University. Faculty members— adjunct and full-time—have access to their own permission numbers in myBoiseState. Issuing permission numbers for any reason is at the discretion of the department chair and instructor.

Additional Assistance

When students contact Extended Studies or the eCampus Center for permission numbers, we refer them to the instructor and/or the academic department (usually an assistant) directly. Otherwise, the eCampus Center staff would require written permission from you before we can issue a permission number.

If you run out of numbers and need more generated for an eCampus course, experience a problem, or need help, contact Extended Studies Scheduling.

Permission numbers are located in your myBoiseState account. Once you have logged in, select Faculty/Staff/Advisors then Permission Numbers.

Class Roster

The official list of all students enrolled in each class you teach is available through your myBoiseState account. The myBoiseState rosters are updated in real time and accurate at the time they are accessed. You can find myBoiseState online at After you log in, select Faculty/Staff/Advisors then Student Class Enrollment.

Student Photos

Rosters also include a photo of the enrolled students. This photo is generated when the student receives a Bronco ID card, so if your students live outside of the Boise area and have not received a Bronco ID Card, they may not have a photo available.

Students living outside the greater Boise area can contact the Bronco Card Office about emailing a photo for creating an ID card and loading into class roster.

Class Rosters and Canvas

A copy of the course roster is also loaded on your Canvas course site. The Canvas rosters are synchronized with myBoiseState rosters daily. If you do not see a student’s name on the roster, its possible that the Canvas class roster has not yet been updated.

Troubleshooting Assistance

If you have difficulty printing your roster, you can contact the myBoiseState Help Center at Also use the helpful guides at