eCampus Quality Instruction Program

The eCampus Center offers expert consultation and support in the design, development and delivery of online courses and programs through the eCampus Quality Instruction Program (eQIP).

Components of eQIP

The eCampus Course Design and Development Seminar (eCD2S)

The eCampus Course Design and Development Seminar is a 12-week professional development seminar in which faculty design and develop an online course that is of strategic importance to their department/college. The eCampus Center provides instruction and expert consultation on the design strategies and technologies that faculty can use to build a high-quality online course.

The eCampus Facilitated Course Development (eCD)

The eCampus Facilitated Course Development is an 8-week development project in which faculty collaborates with instructional design consultants to develop a course. This course development project is for faculty that have already completed the 12-week seminar and know how to follow the course design process the eCampus Center uses to design and develop online courses.

eCampus Teaching Online Seminar (eTOS)

The eCampus Teaching Online Seminar is a 6-week professional development seminar that provides an overview of the key knowledge and skills faculty need to successfully teach an online course. The seminar is for faculty who currently teach or are preparing to teach a previously developed online course. Boise State faculty with years of experience in teaching online lend their expertise as co-facilitators. This seminar is focused on “best practices” for effectively teaching an online course that has already been developed. Although this seminar does not cover how to design and develop an online course, it does include hands-on exercises to help participants develop skills in delivering a course via the Blackboard course management system.

Quality Matters™ Peer Review

A Quality Matters Peer Review is conducted on all courses that are developed through the eCampus Quality Instruction Program components. For each peer review, three Boise State faculty conduct an in-depth evaluation based on nationally recognized course standards for online course design defined by the Quality Matters program. Boise State faculty that would like to participate as peer reviewers may receive training through the eCampus Center in how to evaluate online courses using the Quality Matters standards.

“I found the comments and advice of the reviewers invaluable; they helped me see a bigger picture of my class, its strengths and weaknesses, and how students likely encounter it.

I gained useful insights on navigation and streamlining a huge body of information based on the work I have been doing my entire professional career (35 years), and it helped immensely to find some paths through the forest. Thanks for all your help and guidance throughout this process.”

—Peer Review Faculty Participant

eQIP Schedule and Calendar


eQIP Purpose and Guiding Principles


The eCampus Quality Instruction Program is a collaborative partnership between the eCampus Center (in the Division of Extended Studies) and the academic departments and colleges.


The eCampus Quality Instruction Program is intended to be a full-featured professional development and support system for faculty who teach online and their academic departments. We want to ensure that all faculty have the tools and assistance to be successful in their online teaching experiences.


The principles of partnership and support lead to improved student learning by providing academic departments the specific tools and resources they need to design and develop high-quality online courses.


With the exception of self-support and grant-funded programs, participation is generally supported financially by eCampus Center funding to the participant or academic department. Stipends are paid either directly to participants or to their academic departments to partially offset the cost of offering lecturers or tenure-track faculty reduced workloads. All financial support is paid after participants successfully complete the eQIP program component in which they are enrolled.

What was your experience with eQIP?

“It was good to hear what others thought about the issues/problems/situations we were learning about. It was especially helpful to see the advice from those who have already taught online. The teaching philosophy assignment, though I dreaded it, went well for me also. It was great to articulate my pedagogy in the online environment and my goals.”

—eTOS faculty participant

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