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Mathematical Thinking for Instruction

The Graduate Certificate in Mathematical Thinking for Instruction focuses on helping participants gain expertise in the knowledge and use of current and seminal research related to learning theories and improving instructional practice and student learning through examination of classroom instructional practices, focus on meaningfully building all students’ learning, and application of the content and mathematical practice standards.

Department Name: Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Foundational Studies

Official Certificate Name: Graduate Certificate in Mathematical Thinking for Instruction

Certificate Type: Graduate Certificate

Type of Idaho Teaching Certification: Mathematics Consulting Teacher Endorsement leads to State of Idaho Teaching Endorsement and Boise State Graduate Certificate; Mathematics Specialist leads to Boise State Graduate Certificate only

Note for Students with Out-of-State Home Addresses: If considering an academic program that leads to a professional license or certification in your state, it is highly recommended that you first seek guidance from the appropriate licensing agency in your home state BEFORE beginning the academic program located outside your state, or upon changing states. Visit the Professional Licensure Disclosures website for more information.

What can I do with this certificate?

The Graduate Certificate in Mathematical Thinking for Instruction is focused on preparing and building the skills of individuals who are interested in improving their mathematical skills and understanding related to K-8 classroom instruction, coaching other teachers, or becoming mathematics teacher-leaders.

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