MIT Early Childhood Intervention (online program)

The Master in Teaching in Early Childhood Intervention is a fully online program that leads to 1) a master’s degree, and 2) recommendation for certification for the Blended Early Childhood Education/Early Childhood Special (birth to grade 3) teaching license.

We are dedicated to our students, so that they can be dedicated to their students. We are committed to preparing competent, confident, well-start special educators who are ready to enter the field after completing our one-year, fully online program. Just because you’re taking online classes doesn’t mean you need to be disconnected. We know that an individualized approach is vital to your development as a future teacher, so we connect you with knowledgeable faculty, expert supervisors, and passionate peers in the program to ensure that your online community never feels too far away.

Department Name: Department of Early and Special Education

Official Degree Name: Master in Teaching in Early Childhood Intervention

Degree Type: Master in Teaching

Type of Idaho Teaching Certification: Blended Early Childhood Education/Early Childhood Special (birth to grade 3)

What can I do with this degree?

Successful completion of this fully online program enables you for initial licensure in Blended Early Childhood/Early Childhood Special Education with the Idaho State Department of Education. The majority of our graduates find themselves employed in a full-time classroom position right after graduation, working at an elementary school or early childhood setting working with diverse learners of all abilities.

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The College of Education also offers a range of scholarship opportunities. 

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