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Video Transcript – Claire Conner

Video Transcript

My name is Claire Connor and I’m originally from Corvallis, Oregon. I study in the college of education and I’m a sophomore. I first started looking at Boise State because of all the flexible programs within the College of Education so you can study within many different dual degrees, but then it made the most sense from the cost and I visited the beautiful city and just knew I couldn’t go anywhere else.

I always knew I wanted to do something working with young children but then my senior year of high school I just volunteered in so many different classrooms and kind of found my place so that’s why I study early in special education because of my experiences there. The most rewarding experience has definitely been just meeting all the students and faculty, the College of Ed is just incredible where even going to class feels like you’re becoming more involved because the professors know your name and you’re meeting other people who are really passionate about what they’re doing and then in that I’ve also become the president of the Teacher Education Ambassadors or TEA and that’s just been so fun being able to volunteer in local schools and network and meet other faculty members that I haven’t necessarily had in class.

All of it is so practical. So in TEA we’re able to volunteer at principal panels so we meet local administrators before we’re even student teaching, we’re volunteering in local schools and then the College of Ed has its own research program called UCreate and so you can take any interest that you have and just dive into it so you get a better knowledge of what it really looks like in the field so I’ve been researching virtual education for pre-k students with disabilities and in that I’ve learned research methods, I’ve learned how to apply research to daily classroom practices, and I’ve also gotten a much more immersive experience into the field I’m going to go into. There is no other place that you will get a big research university but also the small college feel like you do here, everyone knows your name, they seem so welcoming and friendly because they actually are, and this definitely could be your new home.