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February 2021: In Memoriam, Brian Flay

Our colleague Dr. Brian Flay had a distinguished career and we were so fortunate that he spent the last six years here at the Initiative for Healthy Schools in the College of Education. Brian’s contributions to prevention science, positive youth development, and social-emotional development are legendary. He built a mountain of rigorous scientific evidence about how to make the world a more positive place and he leaves a permanent legacy through the hundreds of scientists whom he mentored over the past 40 years. He will be deeply missed.

JANUARY 2021: We’re moving!

The Initiative for Healthy Schools is moving. We are joining the Center for School and Community Partnerships and will now be located at the Yanke Research Park. We’re looking forward to contributing to the Center’s mission to build partnerships to support students and educators.

OCTOBER 2017: Technical report on measurement of physical activity

Technical Report PDF

This report describes a validation study to compare the data obtained via low-cost accelerometers worn by students during the school day, versus results from ActiGraph research-grade devices. Results confirm reliability and validity of these devices for measuring step counts.

JULY 2016: Report on school fundraisers

School Fundraising Policies and Practices: A Shifting Landscape PDF

With support from Healthy Eating Research (a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation), we examined changes in fundraising policies and practices at schools across the country. Many schools are making great strides in improving fundraising practices by switching away from junk-food types of events. This report examines the factors that have been associated with school-level implementation of healthier fundraising practices.

JANUARY 2016: Report on school meals

let's do lunch flyer PDF

With support from USDA, we examined changes in student participation in school lunch programs over the past few years. School lunch programs provide nutritious meals for millions of children each year. This technical report examines changes in meal pricing, participation, and school- and district-level factors associated with participation rates.