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Prior Funded Research

Positive Action for Social and Character Development (IES – R305L030072)

PI: Brian R. Flay
Initiation of the Chicago trial of Positive Action as one of 7 programs evaluated in the Social and Character Development (SACD) cooperative agreement. This trial involved schools being randomly assigned to program or control conditions from 7 matched pairs of schools. One cohort of students, those in grade 3 at the start of the trial, were followed through grade 5 on this grant.

The Chicago Social and Character Development Trial – Extension to Grade 8 (IES – R305A080253)

PI: Brian R. Flay

Continued the Positive Action intervention in the 7 randomly assigned schools (from matched pairs) in the Chicago trial initiated in 2003. Conducted many analyses of program effects that have been published in 8 journal articles to date (along with 4 methodological papers).